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Zanzibar : The Perfect Getaway

Find your paradise where ever you go!


ince 2016 it became like a tradition that I go on vacation to the island of Unguja, part of Zanzibar once every year. I mostly do a weekend getaway where I stay in a hotel either in Stone Town or the most famous side of Unguja called Nungwi. When I stay in Nungwi, I spend my days laying by the beach or snorkeling, but mostly sunbathing by the beach.

This year in January, I planned a trip with my cousin and we decided to stay a bit longer and experience the island in a different way.

Where We Stayed

I did not want to go back to Nungwi, so we stayed in Jambiani, which is in the southeast coast of the island in a beautiful hotel called Sharazad boutique hotel. The hotel has villas and bungalows; some of them overlooking the ocean, and others have the garden view. When booking this place I made sure we stayed in a sea view upstairs bungalow so we can have the perfect view of the morning sunrise. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am a big fan of sunrises and sunsets, there is just something magical about them, don’t you think?

Where We Ate

Normally when I travel I love to eat local foods, so eating different kinds of exotic fish everyday was a definite for me while staying in Zanzibar. We arrived in the evening and the first night we ate at the hotel and I have to give compliments to the chef, our meal was mouthwatering delicious. They had a set menu, but I do appreciate their extensive chef’s specials that kept changing for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

On the third day we went to have lunch at The Rock Restaurant. This restaurant is quite famous for being the only restaurant in Zanzibar located on a big rock on the ocean just a few meters away from the shore. On this day we wanted to have a lazy day; I started my morning by jogging by the beach before breakfast, and then later we were laying by the pool as I was reading my book. Towards the afternoon I could not help myself but nap by the beach (which by the way is my favourite thing to do now). We wanted to explore other places to eat other than our hotel, so looking forward to eating at the Rock Restaurant was the perfect energizer to get us out of the lazy funk!.

On the last day of our stay in Jambiani, we went to the Spice Island Hotel to eat at the Jetty Bar. I had some delicious avocados stuffed in blue cheese and bacon.

What we did

Ok I have to give credit to my cousin for putting together such exciting and memorable activities. We started our adventure by visiting Cheetah’s Rock, a conservation center for rescued wild animals. Yes! You read correctly, WILD ANIMALS!! Imagine us touching cheetahs and feeding lions because that actually happened. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will tell my grandchildren.

Safari blue was on the top of our list because we love sailing. We sailed in a simple wooden boat to the most clearest and turquoise waters, where we swam and snorkeled. I can’t forget to mention the food that we ate, OMG! It was a lot of food and drinks, that left us so bloated, we could not have dinner that night.

On our last night we went to forodhani market in stone town to have dinner. It is a very famous fish market and of course we continued eating fish of all kinds. Because we were leaving Zanzibar the next day, we did not go back to Jambiani, so we stayed at Kisiwa House  in stone town, to make it easier for us to catch our boat ride back to Dar es Salaam.

Good to know!
  • Carry enough local currency – There are limited to no ATMs or Bureau de change outside stone town, I suggest to make any withdrawals or currency exchange whilst in stone town.
  • Explore local restaurants – A great way to maximize your experience, is to book bed & breakfast and explore the different food areas, this way you get to meet local people and immerse in the culture.
  • Language – Kiswahili and English. Hotel personnel and tour guides speak English, however not all local people can speak English. If you do not speak the local language which is Kiswahili, I suggest you engage with registered tour companies for your excursions for ease of communication.
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