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With Love From Diani

I take pictures so the memories can live on forever, when moments are far gone.



t is our last day in Diani and it brings me to so much sadness. I wish we had more days to explore a variety of cultural places and other adventurous things. I am definitely coming back here to sky dive (Had that thought in my mind since January and I just have to make it happen).

I will miss running on the beach early in the morning; such a great way to start a day. Diani has beautiful beaches with wider strip of land that are stretched out from 20 meters to 100 meters wide towards the ocean. It was amazing to see that because back home in Dar es Salaam the shores are no that wide.

I know most of you follow me on Instagram so you saw the videos of my Diani experience (on insta-story). For this post I wanted to share some of the unseen photos of the trip.


The Sands Restaurant

  Nomad Diani beach.

Jet skiing for the first time in my life.

Dinner at Alibaba Cave Restaurant.


Untill next time…



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