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We Never Made It To Niagara Falls

You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way! – Dr Seuss



oday was an awesome day, full of excitement to go see one of the seven natural wonders of the world – Niagara Falls.

I love telling stories, so let me start from the beginning of it all (imagine a replay sound). We woke up at 9 am to get ready because my friend Suleiman who stays here in Toronto was coming to pick us up by 11 am and be our chaperone for the day. You might be wondering why would it take us 2 hours to get ready?. Mind you we are four sharing one bathroom. My sister Clara-jean showers like she will never shower again in her life, basically she takes about 1 hour to do her thing (whatever that is!).

As we were getting ready, my sister needed Suleiman to pick up some of her stuff from her friend’s place and on top of that, Suleiman needed to go to his mechanic to service his car before coming to pick us up. So that adds up a couple of hours before we actually set off. I usually get frustrated when I get delayed to go somewhere exciting or anywhere for that matters, but this time the jet-lag had me good, so getting an hour or so of extra sleep was very welcomed.



He Finally gets to the house at 2 pm and we started our journey to Niagara Falls.



It takes 1 hour and 48 mins from where we live to Niagara Falls. We were cruising at 120 km/hr, we had music playing on the radio, everybody was relaxed, it looked like smooth sailing from where we stood.

40 mins into our drive, we felt the car shaking vigorously that we had to pull over to check what the problem was. When we stepped out of the car, we found out that one of the back tire was taking out smoke like a fire was about to start. That freaked everybody out, we called a tow truck and 45 mins later we were being towed to the mechanic and away from the direction of Niagara falls.



Suleiman if you ever read this post, the moral of the story is never service your car the day of the journey.

OK! truly though, I really enjoyed today’s adventure because it was my very first time riding a tow truck and I can put that in my list of experiences while in Toronto. So thank you Suleiman for this!



That pretty much sums up our day, – We never made it to Niagara Falls!

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  • Roman
    September 1, 2018

    the “nayagra falls”…enjoy!

    • Lady Brixio
      September 2, 2018

      Thanks 😀, I hope we will manage to visit Niagara falls before I Leave Canada!

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