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Travel Bucket List For 2019

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The beginning of the year is the best time to plan for your travels and start ticking off your bucket list. In 2018, I had so much fun ticking off my list; started with a trip to Zanzibar for a week and followed with a girls camping trip in Magoroto. A couple of months later, I traveled to Mombasa and returned to Zanzibar for a weekend getaway. As if that was not enough, I decided to flight out to Canada for my birthday adventures. It was such an eventful year for me, and I had to end it all with a relaxing trip to Lazy Lagoon Private Island.

My 2019 travel plans are looking good and all I can say is that, this year will be even more exciting than last year.

Below are some of my experiences that you can add to your bucket list for 2019.

Have a girls trip or a boys trip

One of the smartest decisions I made for my 2018 travel plans, was packing my bags and going for an adventure trip to Magoroto with the girl.

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This trip certainly brought us closer and we learned so much about each other, that we wouldn’t have known in normal circumstances. Therefore, I would encourage anyone to take this kind of trip.

Besides it being fun, you will discover the good and the bad that might shape the course of your friendships. Check out this link to see what we were up to during our time in Magoroto.

Travel outside the country for your birthday

Last year I turned 30, and to celebrate that I wanted to travel to a place I didn’t think I would visit in the near future. So, Canada it was. I had never been to North America and since I have family living in Toronto, it was an obvious choice for me.

It was truly a trip full of adventure and memories that I will forever cherish. Apart from visiting my siblings, it was also an opportunity to see my long time friends of more than 16 years.

Treat your partner/spouse to a weekend getaway

I am a firm believer of treating someone you love with a romantic trip to reconnect and rejuvenate. Especially if you have busy lives and a long vacation is not a frequent thing, a weekend getaway may just do the trick. So, don’t let 2019 pass without doing that.

Consider checking out the Seyyida Hotel & Spa in Stone Town, Zanzibar. It is a cozy boutique hotel just 5 mins away from the Zanzibar ferry, near the famous forodhani gardens. Another favourite of mine that made the list in 2018 is Sharaad Boutique Hotel. This hotel is in Jambiani on the southeast coast of the island.

Take a solo trip

Have you ever heard of a saying …

Learn to be alone and like it.There is nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like your own company. – Mandy Hale

It might sound cliché to some, but it is truly a journey of self discovery, that leads to inner peace and makes loneliness a foreign feeling. I always say, don’t wait for someone to love you, love yourself first. Therefore, treat yourself to an awesome trip this year.

Take an adventure trip

Adventure trips are one of my favourites, as an active person I can’t resist to put them on my bucketlist. 2017 was the birth of adventure trips in my life, or I should say, I started to consciously put them in my travel plans. I island hopped in Thailand and did a bit of Muay Thai training, which was absolutely amazing. In 2018 I traveled to Nairobi where I visited the Giraffe center and fed some beautiful giraffes, and jet-skied in Diani.

My 2018 ultimate adventure trip was at Cheetah’s Rock in Zanzibar. I had the priviledge of petting a Cheetah, and it was definitely a once in a wild-life time experience.

Take a road trip and explore your country

Beat the flights and go on the road to explore nearby locations or far away destinations. Last year, I took a road trip from Dar to Singida and from Dar to Mtwara. These kind of trips give you a break from airport lines, bus station chaos and train station procedures. All you need is a well-serviced car, snacks, drinks and good company to make the trip enjoyable; the scenery is just the icing on the cake.

Escape to a private island

In December 2018, I went to Lazy Lagoon Private Island to celebrate the coming of the new year. It was an amazing experience of being secluded from the hassle of the city life and living in a banda (hut house) just few steps away from the ocean. If you ever visit Tanzania to explore the safari life, do consider going to this private island as your last stop of your Tanzanian experience.

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