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My Favourite Sport

I found what I love and I am sticking to it.



Where It All Started



had such an amazing mixed martial arts (MMA) training this week and felt the urge to do a blog post about it. Before I explain my love for the sport, I will start by telling you where it all started. Now imagine a fairytale story about a girl who refused to be a damsel in distress in any situation and she was on a mission to show her girl power. ok! I will stop the crazy fairytale talk and get straight to it.

When I was in primary school I was involved in as many sports that I found interesting; I played baseball, football and even did gymnastics. My flexibility isn’t all that great these days, but that is a story for another day.

I was good in all the sports that I took part in, but it was when I played football one day with the boys of my class that I discovered my calling in sports. Instead of using my head to shoot the ball to the direction I wanted; I stretched my leg high to kick the ball (like a karate kick) and passed it to my teammate. I was amazed at what I did, my mates were quite excited for me and I felt like one of the Powerpuff Girls (animated superheroes). From that day, a desire to learn any fighting sport was awaken in me.

Another incident occurred about a year later. I was in my A-levels, and it was one of those days when I was punished by our teacher to stand at the back of the class till the session was over. Yes, guys I was that kid – a troublesome student. A friend of mine decided to make fun of me and threw an eraser at me. He was roughly 20 meters away, I caught that eraser with one hand and threw it back at him and it hit his head. All I could hear was a voice screaming, “what the heck! who is this ninja”, but it was all in my mid. My friend was in such a shocked that he did not tell on me to the teacher, he just looked at me and showed me a thumb up and whispered, “we need to do that again”. Well no, we did not do that again, otherwise I would have found myself in the headmaster’s office.




I Lost The Desire Over The Years


I went to the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa for my degree. After some time, during my stay there I was not in a good space mentality and lost the desire to play sports and work out.

One day my friend was going to the sport center and I tagged along to check out the place. When we got there, he went to sign up for jiu jitsu and that was my first time I was introduced to the sport. It fascinated me how people were learning self-defence moves from the ground and I thought to myself, I could do that. Even though I would pass by regularly to watch the training sessions, I could not bring myself to sign up for it.

After much deliberation, I stopped beating myself down as to why I was not going for it. I mean, if I loved it once, I am pretty sure the desire will come back to me someday, right?



Where I Am To date


When I came back from University; for some reason that I cannot recall, I got back my desire to work out and chase after my hobbies. I got a job, managed to afford a private trainer for kickboxing and trained 3 times a week for nearly nine months before joining the MMADAR club (click to get info of the club).

The desire to train kept on growing and I found myself training for 4 hours, 5 to 6 times a week. It is crazy I know, but I loved it and I did not want to stop. I would start with my private kickboxing session for 2 hours followed by jiu jitsu with the MMADAR group for another 2 hrs. That was my schedule for almost a year.

After realising I was over working my body (took me long enough😄), I stopped the private lessons, and continued with MMADAR for 2 hours, 4 to 5 times a week. Good thing MMADAR also teaches boxing, kickboxing, and jiu jitsu, so I was not missing much.

My private classes were very good, but nothing beats training with other people who have similar interests and they can push you to be your very best.

Sometimes life takes over and it can get difficult to spare time to work out, however, I do my best to train on a regular. Despite this year’s rocky start (attendance wise), towards the end of May I was able to attend more training sessions and it felt good to be back to my old self.

I am currently a white belt in Jujitsu, my plan for this year is to get a couple of stripes for my belt and hopefully as I progress into the sport I can be promoted to other belts soon.



Alright guys, that is it for my “it’s complicated” love story of MMA, I apologies if it was a long post, but I am pouring out my heart, so I hope you can forgive me.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave it on the comment section below.

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