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Magoroto Forest Estate : Holiday Adventures With The Ladies

You don’t need to be perfect together, you just need to be strong together



his year my friends and I wanted to do something different for Easter. As much as we love spending it with family, we needed to reconnect more with each other, and Easter was a perfect excuse.

We planned our trip to Magoroto Forest a month before and on the D-Day we packed our luggage and set off on this adventure whereby our only hope was to have fun, but boy were we up for some awesome surprises.

First before going deeper into this post, let me introduce the lady warriors of this trip.

Pamela – The Screamer 

Normah –  The Mother

Chunie – Chunie wa Mlinga

Sandra – The Adventurous One



Day 1 – The journey of the Four

We started our journey at 5:30 am from Dar es Salaam and we reached Muheza in Tanga at 12:30 pm. It normally takes 3hrs to 4hrs to reach Tanga town.

To not get pulled over and given a speeding ticket by the traffic police, we had to drive at 50km/hr. When we finally arrived we were very tired from driving for 9hrs.

The lodge manager Jeremiah welcomed us to the lodge with a brief history of the place. We were fascinated to know that the place was built in 1896 when the Germans colonised the country and most of the original furniture, wood flooring and buildings were still standing and being maintained to preserve that history.

To make our first day a bit relaxing after our long drive, he prepared a picnic lunch by the lake. We took a shortcut through the forest, walked a small distance through a rough road which led us to the lake. We were blown away by the scenery and couldn’t believe such a place existed in this beautiful country of Tanzania.

After our lunch, we could not bring ourselves to get up and go back to the main house, so we slept right by the picnic area for a good 1 hr. That was by far the best nap i had since January!.


Day 2 – The Conquest of Mlinga

We woke up with so much enthusiasm to explore the place. We had an 8 hr hike planned for the day, boat ride in the evening and a barbecue dinner by the lake.

The climb started at 8:30 am and we reached the top of Mlinga Mountain at 12:30 pm we took a bit of break to enjoy the spectacular view and congratulate ourselves for being able to climb and pushing through all the difficulties we experienced throughout our journey. Mlinga mountain has a rain forest, so the climb was indeed difficult, there were areas where the trees had fallen due to the rains so our guide had to improvise new paths for us. There were narrow paths and thorny trees and steep slopes which very much challenged our strength and endurance for the hike.

Our descend down the mountain was pretty fast, to our surprise we took 1 hr and we finished off at 14:30 pm. So to sum up the time we took about 6 hrs for this hike and we were more than proud of ourselves.

When we reached the lodge we were tired to even go for the boat ride, we just stretched our bodies, had a cold shower and waited for our sunset dinner by the lake.

we wanted to finish off the day with something different, so we camped for the night, which is something that we had never done before.


Muheza Village

Walking through the Village

Hike continues….

At the Peak of Mlinga Mountain

Taking in the view from the highest point of city

Stretching after our hike

Camping by the lake


Day 3 – Battle of the fastest

On this day, we wanted something less challenging and a shorter hiking trail as well. So we took what they called the power station hike which is 3 hrs maximum, but we did that in 2 hrs.

This trail takes you through the village and the spring waters where the locals use as drinking water and we finished off with sight-seeing by the water falls.

After our hike, we managed to have enough time to go for a boat ride, played a racing game in the lake using the tube swimming floaters, and i could have won if it was not for Normah trying to cheat by pushing me away, but the crown goes to Sandra who by the way cant paddle forward, so she won by using her super powers of paddling backwards.

And as for Chunie….she just paddled into the oblivion… one knew where she was floating to “hahahha”


Hiking up the Water falls trail

Resting by the Water Falls

 Bike riding to the lake

The lake at Magoroto

Boat ride with the ladies

Enjoying the lake


Day 4. This is the End

This was the saddest day of our trip, we woke up feeling like there was so much more exploring to do. As the saying goes “all good things must come to an end”, we left Magoroto  at 11 am to start our journey back to Dar es Salaam.

It was truly a wonderful stay and we will definitely come back to this beautiful place.





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  • Ema Tibruc
    April 8, 2018


    I love your itinerary at Magoroto. I would like to know how much does that cost from day one until you departure at Magoroto.
    I am having a plan of going there on August so i could get to prepare myself better

    Thank you

    • Lady Brixio
      April 8, 2018

      Hi Ema,

      Well, accommodation cost is 135,000tshs per person per night (residents), $75 per person per night (non-resident). This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner all the activities you will find at the lodge. So you multiply that with the number of days you want to stay there.

      If you only want to camp and not sleep in the main house, the all-inclusive camping package will cost 85,000tshs per person per night (resident), $50 per person per night (non-resident).

      Hope that helps!