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Lazy Lagoon Island Lodge : Escape To Paradise

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us – Robyn Yong

A couple of days leading up to the new year, I went to Lazy Lagoon Island.
It is a private island on the south part of Bagamoyo town, roughly 1 hr and 45 mins drive from Dar es Salaam.

Lazy Lagoon, truly a place to escape the busy city life, and find rest in total seclusion. Click To Tweet

Enter Mbegani Fisheries Institute on your GPS and start your journey. There, the lodge has designated a parking area with a guard to keep you vehicles safe till your departure. This is also the place where the lodge will pick you with there boat, to take you to the island. It is a short ride, about 10 mins, therefore, if you usually get sea sick, I hope this will ease your nerves.

Pool Area


How amazing would it be if you told someone you stayed in a private island?. Even so gratifying, when that island is in your country and not some far fetch place that you only dream of visiting. Well, I had the pleasure of staying in this private island twice and a third round might be on the way.

The lodge has bandas instead of rooms. They are big and spacious, that can accommodate 4 to 5 people and they are all by the beach.
Sleeping to the sound of waves splashing against the stair case of my banda, was something I looked forward to every night. To top it all off, the view as I woke up was ever so spectacular.

The Bandas

Things To Do

When I travel, excursions are always part of the plan, but this particular trip, I needed to rest and enjoy every moment. Being a private island with limited cell reception and internet connectivity, Lazy Lagoon was the perfect choice for my escape. I went offline, gave my body and mind the attention it needed, met new people and had meaningful conversations.

My days at the island usually started with a 5 km morning run. This is my absolute favorite exercise to do when vacationing in a beach location. In fact, the cool breeze and ocean view, act as a good motivation to exercise in a laid-back environment. It just makes the whole process of working out, even more enjoyable .

6 am Morning Run!

As mentioned before, I wanted to relax in this vacation, so I did more leisurely activities than active. I swam in the pool and in the ocean, then
sunbathe on the white sandy beach . In the afternoons I would play board games and sometimes have a contest on the pool table.

We get caught up with so many unrewarding activities that we forget to take care of ourselves and loved ones. So, this was the best way to end my year and start new traditions that are more fulfilling.

Other Activities that Lazy Lagoon lodge offers;

  • Snoerkling
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Historical tour of Bagamoyo

Good To Know

  • Electricity: The lodge uses generator, so they switch it off from 1pm-5pm and 10pm-8am. It’s unfortunate the lodge does not provide flashlights, so do bring your own. You can also carry a power bank to avoid having low phone battery.
  • Cellular and Internet connectivity: WIFI is available in the main building, only when the power is switched on. All cell networks work in the island – except in the rooms.
  • Fun and Games: I suggest to bring some beach games to make your stay more enjoyable. Otherwise, spoil yourself to the lodge facilities.
  • Animals: The lodge has dogs, but not to worry they are very friendly.

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