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K1 Klubhouse, Nairobi

My recipe for a good hangout; good food, dope music and great people to share it with.



knew I was going to be in Nairobi for just two days and I needed a place where I could chill with my friend and eat good food. We went to K1 Klubhouse on a Sunday at around 2pm, after visiting the elephant orphanage at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and it was the perfect place to spend our afternoon.

K1 Klubhouse has a very good ambiance, a great place to drink, eat and shop while listening to good music. We spent two hours doing just that!



What We Ate


It has been such a long time since I last had a burger and I wanted to break that streak by trying out a burger at the K1 Klubhouse. I had a cheese burger with bacon served with fries on the side and a guacamole sauce for that extra freshness and flavor. I absolutely loved it and there are no regrets for having it as a cheat meal.

My friend had a meal from the brunch menu, she ordered beef skewers (mishkaki), hash browns and one egg. It was quite weird for me because we arrived at 2pm, so that in my book is lunch. However, I was told in Nairobi brunch starts at 12 noon (learning new things one trip at a timešŸ˜„).

Without forgetting we had a piece of orange and lemon cake, which was very moist and delicious.




What We Did


As I was walking through the flea market section, what interested me the most was the beautiful and artistic jewellery sold from some of the vendors. I bought couple rings and earrings and I was quite satisfied after that. There are many other items sold there, such as; clothes, bags, shoes, souvenirs, clothes made from traditional fabrics (kitenge style), food products and body items. It is a great place to shop for unique things and they are sold by local small businesses, therefore, it is a good way to support their growth.



It was a pleasure visiting Nairobi, even for a short while and I look forward to discovering more places to hangout when I go back to Nairobi (hopefully soon).


Good To Know
  1. Cash or Card: At K1 Klubhouse you can use cash (KES) to pay for your meals or you can opt to use your card, however, when purchasing itemsĀ (clothes, accessories etc) from the local vendors, then cash is your only option.

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