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Highlights : Road trip to Singida

Live your life by a compass, not a clock – Stephen Covey



get so excited when I know there is a road trip scheduled and that it will be a long distance drive. It is even more exciting when I know it is a private rental and I am not the one driving 😆. I love sitting on the passenger seat, so I can eat all my favourite snacks and sleep comfortably whenever I feel tired. The best part about going on a road trip with a private car, is taking bathroom breaks at any stop and at any time necessary. I have to admit, whenever I think of public buses the bathroom situation is what gives me anxiety.

I mostly enjoy gazing outside the window at the surroundings, that way I get to discover new places, and view things in a different perspective. If I ever have to choose, I would take the road over flying anyday!.


A glimpse of the morning sunrise!


I was recently in Singida, a town that is not very much spoken about and not that many attractions to see. As we were driving through just before we entered Singida, we were welcomed by these giant rocks that were everywhere; on the sides of the road, plastered on the hills and some were even on piles of other massive rocks. It did not end there, that scenery followed us into Singida town and it was such a beauty to see they were not covered up by tall buildings as we normally see in big cities having lost their natural landscape to architectural advancements.



I know Mwanza is known as the rock city of the country, but after seeing Singida’s giant rocks I think it can give Mwanza a run for its money.



The main attraction for Singida is the lake Singidani, which I got the privilege of waking up to its beautiful view every morning from the Regency hotel. It is quite windy this time of the year in Singida, but that did not stop me from taking a walk by the lakeshore as a stress releaser.


Lake Singidani – View from my window.


Apart from the scenery, Singida is known for it’s delicious organic chicken. Omg!, I promise you it is the best organic chicken you will ever have in the whole Tanzania (I am just going to claim that), especially when you have it grilled then cooked with spinach. This dish is called “kuku rojo“, it was referred to me by a Singida local and I was directed to go have it at Rwezaura bar. The bar ambiance is like any local bar in Tanzania. I had the chicken with “Ugali“, it was so delicious that i had the niggaitis (I felt sleepy right after eating) after my last bite. The only unfortunate thing about the place is they do not provide Coke products and I think that dish would go so well with an ice cold Coca-Cola.


Kuku Rojo at Rwezaura Bar


I hope to come back here again….Missing the chicken already!!




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