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Finally We Made It To Niagara Falls

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I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination – Zig Zaglar



f you were following my Canada travel stories on Instagram and my blog, you must have come across the crazy story of us struggling to get to Niagara Falls. In case you missed it, click this link to check it out. We were determined to visit this monumental landscape and I am happy to say we eventually were able to get to Niagara Falls.


 Making the most of our 1 hr drive to Niagara Falls by taking pictures of the outside scenery.

I was not going to watch the water falls from up top, so we decided to go on the ferry boat that would take us near the falls.

We got disposal plastic covers to protect us from getting wet as the water splashes ferociously as it falls.

Have you ever visited Canada before? What is your favourite thing to do?



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