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10 Things to Know Before Going On A Hike



f you are planning a hike with a group of people or by yourself, I hope the below tips will help you embark on this journey successfully and in a safe manner.



1. Choosing a hike:

First and foremost choose a hike that is in your fitness level to avoid injuries. There is nothing wrong in pushing your body with a much more challenging or long distance hike than what you are used to, but it is important to take caution and increase the distance and intensity gradually.


2. Share the hiking route:

Inform the people you know or the hotel you arrived in about your hiking trail and the duration, so that when you do not return on time or get lost, they can call for help.


3. Go with a guide:

Whether you will be hiking alone or with a group of friends, make sure you go with a guide because they know the trails very well and they can be there to clear paths or protect you from deadly animals.


4. Hike with friends:

As much as it will be so much fun to hike with friends and create long lasting memories, they are the ones who will cheer you on when you feel like giving up, and believe me there will be a time where you will not feel like continuing the hike.


5. Carry a light backpack:

A light backpack will help you to avoid back pains during or at the end of your hike and it will make your climb a little bit easier.


6. Wear trail sneakers:

I wish someone had told me this before I went on my first hike, it would have saved me the hassle of sliding and also avoid the sprain ankle I had due to wearing running sneakers. So invest in some good trail sneakers from your favorite brand that you can use for your hike and also on rough and rocky paths.


7. Carry enough water:

If you are going on a hike without a doubt you need to carry a bottle of water to hydrate. But what you need to keep in mind is the quantity of water needed for the duration of your hike. So taking an example of the trail I used with my friends, that was a 8 hr hiking trail. I had a 1.25 ltr bottle of water and my friends had on a 500 ml bottle and 1 ltr bottle. We were four people so that was not enough to get us up the mountain and take us down. I believe each of us needed about 2 ltr bottle of water for that hike.


8. Carry some energy snacks:

Stock up on some bananas, dried fruits or energy bars. These are packed with vitamins, and good carbs to give you that boost of energy.


9. Carry a med-kit:

I learnt it is important to carry the basic first aid kit supplies such as antiseptic cream, spray to relieve insect bites, plasters, alcohol free cleansing wipes, bandage etc. We completely forgot them for our hike and we had nothing to clean the bruises and nothing to wrap the sprain ankle, and we left there with so many insect bite as well.


10. What to wear:

It all depends with the type of hiking trail that you will take and also the weather. Just in case you are going through paths that have trees and thorny branches I advise you wear long sleeves to avoid getting scratches, a quick-drying fabric will help you when sweating and long breathable tights will give you a good range of movement. Wear a cap to protect you from the sun, and/or a light rain jacket when necessary.



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